About Health Professionals

CETPA is an association of Heath Education Technology Professionals (technologists) within the State of California. Founded in 1960, the major emphasis of the association’s activities are directed towards improving Administrative Information Processing in public education within the State of California and to prepare its membership to better meet and support the technological needs of the Instructional Program.

CETPA is a California non-profit corporation, as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. Its Board of Directors are elected by ballot at the association’s Annual Conference.

One of the Association’s goals is to promote the integration of instructional and administrative technology in school agencies. The Association also functions as a conduit of information between the California Department of Education and local agencies. The Association disseminates information to its membership by:

  • updates posted on this website;
  • the Association’s bimonthly publication, “The DataBus”;
  • discussion lists (listservs) created to support specific topical interest areas;
  • holding regional Special Interest Group meetings three or more times a year in various statewide locations; and
  • sponsoring an annual conference.

By providing pertinent information to its membership in a timely manner, the Association can prepare educational technologists to better meet and support technological demands placed upon them by their respective school agencies in both the instructional and administrative arenas.

Our information document in PDF format summarizes the information presented here and provides additional information about CETPA’s membership and the advocacy roles CETPA is involved in.

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